Welcome Remarks

"Amidst all the affairs of life, food is the most important." 2023 marks the initial phase of fully implementing the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and is also the starting year for the acceleration of the country’s role as an agricultural power. Ensuring the stability and safe supply of important agricultural foodstuff is of great significance.

From 2014, China has held the annual Agricultural Outlook Conferences for 9 consecutive years. The "China Agricultural Outlook Report", released at conference, is an important achievement of the agricultural monitoring and warning system with Chinese characteristics. The Agricultural Outlook Conference has increased agricultural product market regulation initiatives, enhanced various agricultural entities’ adaptability to market changes, and continuously strengthened China’s negotiation position in the international market.

A strong China requires a strong agricultural base. For the past 10 years, China Agricultural Outlook has served as a cornerstone for important national decisions and has continuously promoted innovations in core technologies for agricultural monitoring and warning. China Agricultural Outlook has gradually built an international and domestic collaborative system, playing a leading role in information sharing, and increasing its global influence.

The upcoming 2023 China Agriculture Outlook Conference will focus on “strengthening agricultural monitoring and warning, ensuring supply while promoting income growth”. The conference will release China's agricultural outlook report for the next 10 years, projecting future agricultural development trends, consolidating consensus on future agricultural developments, releasing market signals for agricultural products, and stabilizing agricultural market development expectations. This is of great significance for promoting high-quality agricultural development and for comprehensively building national agricultural power.

The 2023 China Agricultural Outlook Conference is supported by the Market Early Warning Expert Committee of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs (MARA), the Market and Economic Information Department of MARA, and the inter-ministerial coordination mechanism of agricultural market monitoring and early warning, and co-organized by the Agricultural Information Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS), the Information Center, the Rural Economy Research Center, the Agricultural Trade Promotion Center, the Big Data Development Center of MARA, and the China Association of Agricultural Science Societies.

The Conference will complete the following tasks: first, to issue the China Agricultural Outlook Report (2023-2032); second, to analyze the supply and demand situation by agricultural products; third, to hold high-level forums on China’s Strength in Agriculture, food security, agricultural science and technology innovation, agricultural resources and environment, agricultural monitoring and early-warning and international agricultural trade; and fourth, exhibition of agricultural technology achievements.

We appreciate your contributions and support to China Agricultural Outlook Conference for the past 10 years. We sincerely welcome people working in the agricultural community and friends from home and abroad to the Conference to share insights and plan for the future.

We look forward to meeting you at the China Agricultural Outlook Conference on 20 April 2023!

Xu Shiwei

Executive Chairman of 2023 China Agricultural Outlook Conference