Welcome remarks

Agriculture is the foundation of a country and only when the foundation is solid can the country thrive. The development of agriculture and rural community and the stable production and guaranteed supply of agricultural products is the important foundation for China’s long-term stability and security. The year 2022 will surely be eventful and extraordinary. With unprecedented changes unseen in a century and the continued spread of the COVID-19, the world is faced with frequent occurrence of natural disasters, international geopolitical conflicts, setbacks in economic globalization and wild fluctuation of the international food prices. Against this background, China’s domestic market will unavoidably be under pressure. At this important stage of implementing the 14th Five-Year Plan and pressing ahead with rural revitalization, we should be well prepared and plan ahead. We should focus on consolidating the foundation for the development of agriculture, rural community and farmers, handle the uncertainty of domestic and international environment and natural conditions with the certainty of stable production and supply of agricultural products, so as to enable quality and efficient agriculture, enjoyable and livable rural community and rich and content farmers.

The China Agricultural Outlook Conference 2022 with the theme of Guaranteeing Supply, Stabilizing Expectations and Increasing Income will be convened on 20 April 2022. At the Conference, participants will issue the China Agricultural Outlook Report for the next ten years, make projections on the trend of agricultural development, build consensus on future agricultural dynamics, release agricultural product market signals, and stabilize development expectations of agricultural markets. This event will be crucially important for high-quality agricultural development and full implementation of the Rural Revitalization Strategy.

China has been hosting the China Agricultural Outlook Conference and issuing the China Agricultural Outlook Report for 8 years in a row since 2014. As an important outcome of the development of agricultural monitoring and early-warning system with Chinese characteristics, the China Agricultural Outlook Conference has played a positive role in strengthening the initiative in regulating agricultural markets, enhancing the response of various market players to market dynamics and constantly raising China’s voice on the international market. The China Agricultural Outlook Conference 2022 is supported by the Market Early Warning Expert Committee of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs (MARA), the Market and Economic Information Department of MARA, and the inter-ministerial coordination mechanism of agricultural market monitoring and early warning, and co-organized by the Agricultural Information Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS), the Information Center, the Rural Economy Research Center, the Agricultural Trade Promotion Center, the Big Data Development Center of MARA, and the China Association of Agricultural Science Societies.

Given the COVID-19 pandemic, the Conference will take a hybrid modality with live broadcasting of the plenary, expert forums and recorded broadcasting of themed discussions. The Conference will complete the following tasks: first, to issue the China Agricultural Outlook Report (2022-2031); second, to analyze the supply and demand situation by agricultural products; third, to hold high-level forums on rural revitalization, food security, green agricultural development, international trade of agricultural products, agricultural science and technology innovation, monitoring and early warning and other hot topics in agriculture.

The conference will invite officials and practitioners from relevant ministries, scientific research institutions, universities, private sector, international organizations, new type of entities in agricultural production and agribusiness to participate in the on-site conference; in the meantime we welcome professionals and scholars in the fields of agricultural information market early warning and agricultural outlook to attend the on-site/online conference, offering them an effective platform to jointly share the achievements of China agriculture, and to discuss the development of China agriculture in the next decade.

We sincerely welcome people working in the agricultural community and friends from home and abroad to the Conference via offline or online participation to share insights and plan for the future.

We look forward to meeting you at the China Agricultural Outlook Conference on 20 April 2022!

Xu Shiwei

Executive President

China Agricultural Outlook Conference 2022

10 April 2022