Welcome Remarks

The year 2020 is a milestone year for China to accomplish the goal of the comprehensive construction of moderately prosperous society and to finish off the implementation of “13th Five-Year Plan”. In the context of a more complicated domestic and foreign environment, the development of China’s agriculture assumes all the more importance and commands the attention of the world. 2020 China Agricultural Outlook Conference to be held on April 20, is crucial for strengthening the predictability of agricultural development, promoting the high-quality agricultural development and the execution of the rural vitalization strategy.

China has been hosting the China Agricultural Outlook Conference for six years in a row since 2014 to issue China's agricultural outlook report for the next ten years. As an important outcome of the development of agricultural monitoring and early-warning system with Chinese characteristics, the China Agricultural Outlook Conference has played a significant role in strengthening the initiative in regulating agricultural markets, enhancing the response of various market players to market dynamics and constantly raising China's voice on the international markets. The 2020 China Agricultural Outlook Conference, sponsored by Market Early Warning Expert Committee of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs (MARA), will be hosted by Agricultural Information Institute of CAAS, and co-organized by Information Center of MARA, Research Center for Rural Economy of MARA, Agricultural Trade Promotion Center of MARA and China Association of Agricultural Science Societies, et al.

Due to the current Covid-19 outbreak, this Outlook Conference will be held online via "Conference Live Broadcast" + "Pre-recorded videos". The major agenda of Conference includes: (i) Releasing China Agricultural Outlook Report (live broadcast). The conference will release China Agricultural Outlook (2020-2029), analyze the market situation and project market trends; and (ii) Specialized presentation by commodity (pre-recorded videos). Reports and presentations will forecast the agricultural supply and demand situation, covering rice, wheat, maize, soybean, cotton, oilseed, sugar, meat, poultry eggs, dairy, fish products, feed, etc.

The conference will invite officials and practitioners from relevant ministries, scientific research institutions, universities, private sector, international organizations, new type of entities in agricultural production and agribusiness to participate in the on-site/online conference; in the meantime we welcome professionals and scholars in the fields of agricultural information market early warning and agricultural outlook to attend the conference online, offering them an effective platform to jointly share the achievements of China agriculture, and to discuss the development of China agriculture in the next decade.

We look forward to meeting you in April, 2020 in Beijing!

Xu Shiwei

Executive Chairman of 2020 China Agricultural Outlook Conference