In a bid to promote the supply-side agricultural reform, strengthen the leading role played by market information in agricultural development, and restructure and upgrade agriculture sector, the "2017 China Agricultural Outlook Conference" will be held in Beijing from April 20 to 21, 2017. This event, sponsored by Market Early Warning Expert Committee of Ministry of Agriculture (MOA), will be hosted by Agricultural Information Institute of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, with support from Information Center of MOA, Agriculture Research Center for Rural Economy of MOA, Agricultural Trade Promotion Center of MOA and other agencies.

Main Contents

  Releasing China Agricultural Outlook Report. The conference will release China Agricultural Outlook (2017-2026), covering 18 agricultural products such as rice, wheat, maize, soybean, etc.

  Specialized presentation by commodity. Various presentations will cover 18 commodities including grain, cotton, oilseed, sugar, meat, poultry eggs, dairy products, vegetable, fruit etc.

  Deliberation on hot topics in rural and agricultural development. AOC will organize seminars on pressing topics relating to China's agricultural development, such as agricultural supply-side structural reform, "internet+" modern agriculture, big data and agriculture monitoring and early-warning, agricultural and agricultural resources and environment, rural finance and insurance, international agricultural trade, etc.


  Officials of competent agricultural departments of provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities under the central government).

  Officials of relevant departments of the Ministry of Agriculture and other ministries and commissions.

  Relevant experts and scholars engaged in agricultural monitoring and early warning, agricultural outlook, economic analysis and information analysis of relevant research institutes universities.

   Representatives of new types of agricultural operators such as family farm, farmers' cooperatives and flagship agricultural enterprises.

  Representatives of industrial associations, agribusinesses and consulting agencies.

  Employees of agricultural finance, securities and futures.

  Agricultural experts and representatives in China of international organizations and relevant countries.

Welcome Agenda