Welcome Remarks

Releasing China Agricultural Outlook Report on China Agricultural Outlook Conference can make a great contribution to guiding and promoting agricultural development. Agricultural outlook is one of regular work in the international organizations and developed countries. China agricultural outlook has achieved great progress in recent years. It's joint efforts of national agricultural information professionals and supported by the Department of Market and Economic Information of Ministry of Agriculture. China Agricultural Outlook Conference 2014 (AOC) hosted by Agricultural Information Institute of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS) in April 2014, exhibited the results in the research of Agricultural Monitoring and Early Warning in China. It opens a new door for releasing market signals in the earlier time, effectively leading the market, and responding to the changing of international situation. This event has an important influence in China and abroad.

In order to implement the spirit of the No. 1 Central Document and facilitate the development of modern agriculture, China Agricultural Outlook Conference 2015 will be held in Beijing from April 20 to 21, 2015. This conference will be hosted by Agricultural Information Institute of CAAS, and co-organized by Research Center for Rural Economy of MOA, Information Center of MOA, and Agricultural Trade Promotion Center of MOA. China Agricultural Outlook (2015-2024) will be released by Agricultural Market Warning Expert Committee of MOA and Department of Market and Economic Information of MOA. On behalf of the Organizing Committee, I would like to sincerely invite you to participate in this event.

The conference will release the outlook for 18 agricultural commodities including grain,cotton, oilseed, sugar crops, vegetables, meats and dairy products, and the hot topics such as agricultural support policies and agricultural big data will be discussed. The conference focus on three themes: (1) Releasing China Agricultural Outlook Report. China Agricultural Outlook (2015-2024) will be released, as well as the outlook for grain, cotton, oilseed, sugars, meat, eggs, milk, vegetables and fruits, and others. (2) Discussing the hot topics of macro economy and agriculture.The 6 hot topics are involved in agricultural support policies, agricultural commodity price, international trade, agriculture big data, agricultural resources and environment, and agricultural technology innovation. (3) Sharing updated theories and methods in agricultural outlook, agricultural monitoring and early-warning. Academic exchange will be conducted on the conference, focusing on the achievements of agricultural outlook methods and models, agricultural monitoring and early-warning technology, agricultural monitoring and early-warning system, and agricultural information analysis methods and technology.

The officials and scholars from relevant ministries, research institutions, universities, well-known enterprises and international organizations, as well as the experts in agricultural outlook will exchange experiences, discuss the methodology and China agricultural development trends, and share their findings. All of these will be great contributions to agricultural development, food security and the harmonious development in China.

Xu Shiwei

Executive chairman of 2015 China Agricultural Outlook Conference