It has always been the major concern in the world to safeguard food security and to ensure the sufficient supply of agricultural products, which is also the corner stone for the world and regional stable economic growth. Taking into consideration of global agricultural development trends, agricultural production will enter into a new stage featured with high cost, high risk and much more strict resource and environment constraints in the future, which will further increase uncertainties of agricultural development. In response to the daunting task of enhancing world food security, it is imperative to make projection and analysis of the future agricultural production and market trend, to facilitate in-depth communication and knowledge sharing, to formulate policy options on the agricultural development, and ultimately to promote the predictability and management competence over agricultural market.

Main Contents

In accordance with the assignment and directives from the Ministry of Agriculture (MOA), the "2014 China Agricultural Outlook Conference (AOC)" will be held in National Agricultural Library Auditorium of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences in Beijing from April 20-21, 2014. Conference contents are as follows:

  Releasing China Agricultural Outlook Report. The conference will release China Mid-long Term Agricultural Outlook and commodity reports, covering grain, cotton, oilseed, sugar, meat, eggs, milk, vegetable and fruit, and other agricultural products.

  Discussing macroeconomic and agricultural hot topics. AOC will organize seminars on pressing topics relating to China's agricultural development, such as agricultural resources and environment, agricultural support policies, agricultural insurance, agricultural scientific and technological innovation, etc.

  Sharing the latest accomplishments in the theories and methods in the areas of agricultural outlook, agricultural monitoring and early-warning. The conference will facilitate academic exchange pertaining to achievements in agricultural outlook methods and models, agricultural monitoring and early-warning technology, agricultural big data, agricultural information collection and data processing technology, agricultural information analysis methods and technology.

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